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Writer's Block: It's Too Late to Apologize [May. 7th, 2008|11:01 am]

Has anyone ever done something so horrible to you that "I'm sorry" couldn't fix it?
 Happens all the time, at work.  I make so many mistakes that "I'm sorry" seems anti-climactic.
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Thirty-Seven Life Lessons I Keep Re-learning Every Day [Apr. 12th, 2006|03:11 pm]

1. Adversity is a test, and other people are watching to see how you handle it.

2. Attitude is everything.

3. Be careful how you treat strangers. The kid pouring your coffee today could be your boss tomorrow.

4. Before you complain, ask yourself, “Is this something I would want to hear?”

5. Before you snap at a friend or co-worker in a flash of momentary anger, stop for a moment and remind yourself, “No, it’s not okay, they won’t understand.”

6. Before you spend your money, ask yourself, “Where is the money coming from? How am I going to have to pay for this later? Is this something I absolutely must have?”

7. Don’t wear out your welcome. Move along before it’s time to, and leave them wanting more.

8. Do something about your breath.

9. Don't be afraid to fail, especially if you learn from the experience.

10. Given a choice, if you can’t say something positive, don’t say anything.

11. If people like you, it's harder for them to get mad at you.

12. If you dress like a bum, people will treat you as one.

13. If you must complain, make sure it's damned important.

14. It's easier to be a friend than to be an enemy.

15. Memorize the name of the person you're with -- say it to yourself several times. You never know when you'll be expected to introduce them to someone.

16. Much as you would like to believe otherwise, you are not the world’s most considerate person. Bear that in mind whenever you get the urge to just “let it all hang out”.

17. Never forget the importance of a good first impression.

18. Never pass up a chance to take a restroom break. You never know when the next one will be.

19. Never pass up a good learning opportunity.

20. Never tell people about the dream you had last night. They don’t care, and they wouldn’t understand it anyway.

21. Play a game with yourself called, “How long can I go without spending money today?”

22. Smile more.

23. Sometimes you can solve someone’s problem just by listening to them talk about it.

24. Stay in touch with your family, especially your parents. They won’t be around forever.

25. The best way to have friends is to be one.

26. Trust your instinct. If a deal seems too good to be true, it most certainly is.

27. Try not to complain. People don't want to hear it, and it probably won't make you feel any better.

28. Try to be the best person you can. Sometimes just making the effort is enough.

29. Try to leave a location in better shape than you found it.

30. Try to see things the way other people do.

31. When someone pays you a compliment, don’t make excuses. Just smile and say, “Thank you.”

32. When all else fails, follow the directions.

33. When in doubt, do the right thing.

34. When you’re out with someone, make that person the center of your attention.

35. Whenever you’re in trouble and someone says, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” don’t tell them. Just say, “Thanks. I’ll remember.”

36. Write something, create something, even if it’s nothing more than a few words on the back of a grocery receipt.

37. You have the power to make someone else’s day just a little more difficult. Don’t use it.

© 2009 Gerald Fitzgerald
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Roses and Cinnamon [Nov. 17th, 2004|10:44 am]
I remember how she looked
The first time I ever saw her
At the barbeque they held
Up on Flagpole Hill.

She wore roses in her hair
The smell of cinnamon so strong
Her jeans so tight they seemed to melt
Into her golden thighs.

Her name was --
Her name was --
Well I think she loved me.

We made love out by the campfire
And we saw each other often.
We lived together in a two-room flat
Above the park.

We were married in early April,
Then in early January,
She bore my child, a little boy,
A lovely baby boy.

We named him --
We named him --
Well I'm sure he was mine.

My son became a man in just a day, so it seemed.
I taught him how to get along in life.

My wife ran off and left me.
She even took the house,
She took my baby boy away from me.

I remember how he looked
When I saw him on his Graduation Day,
Lincoln High, class of 95.

And I knew he was a man,
And I knew he'd be okay.
He shook my hand and he thanked me
Just for being there.

He said to me, "Dad," -- "Dad" --
"What'd you say your name was?"

© 1989 Gerald Fitzgerald
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My New Neighbors [Sep. 15th, 2004|11:02 pm]
I have some new neighbors
Above and below.
Where do they come from?
Where do they go?

You can’t see them moving,
Not a couch, not a chair
Just suddenly there one day,
Appeared from thin air.

I called up my landlord,
Asked who could they be?
He cocked his shoulder, said,
“Hey, don’t look at me.”

These Section 8 people
Are a mysterious lot
They don’t work, they don’t care
Just lie there and rot.

And if you’re not careful
And bolt up your doors
They’ll pay you a visit
And steal all your stores.

From Park Lane and Skillman
They’re coming your way
You’ve got some new neighbors
Move away, and good day!

©2004 Gerald Fitzgerald
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Things I Love [Aug. 4th, 2004|08:31 pm]
I love affectionate cats.

I love Border Collies, Golden Retrievers and Black Labs.

I love buying really cheap stuff on eBay.

I love collecting old songs by people who only had one hit.

I love creating things on the computer.

I love the excitement of knowing I have created something unique.

I love feeding the animals at the zoo.

I love long dreams.

I love science-fiction.

I love sitting on a balcony with friends, with a wine cooler in one hand and a sweet smelly cigar in the other.

I love the smell of chlorinated water and refrigerated air.

I love the stars, and star clusters, and the planets, and planets orbiting other stars, and anything else in space.

I love stupid pet tricks.

I love talking back to the radio.

I love thunderstorms, heat lightning and tornadoes.

I love waking up from a 30-minute afternoon nap.

I love watching the full moon come up.

© 2004, Gerald Fitzgerald
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Celebrity [Jun. 27th, 2004|02:53 am]
All I ever wanted was a piece of fame.
Everything I’ve ever done was meant to make my name.
It may not have worked but I was bound to try.
If I can’t complete the mission then I want to know why.

And I don’t know how it’s gonna be done,
but I’ve gotta find a way to make the whole thing run.
And it might take me fifteen years,
but I’m still here, I’m fighting the fear.
God, I don’t want to just disappear.

I’ve always known that I was born to climb.
It’s the only reason I can spend my time.
This life we’re living is much too hard
to waste it all away on a Solitaire card.

The hospital view was dirty and brown,
but I’d rather face that than lie six feet down.
And it might take me twenty years,
but I’m still here, I’m fighting the fear.
God, I don’t want to just disappear.

I never thought I’d ever be a big star,
but my friends keep telling me I’m gonna go far.
So if that’s true, then tell me what’s gone wrong.
Why do I get the feeling that I’ll never belong?

I made my promise back in ‘83,
I could never give up, no matter what it cost me,
and it might take me thirty years,
but I’m still here, I’m fighting the fear.
God, I don’t want to just disappear.

All I ever wanted was a decent fate,
to be recognized for doing something great.
So why is every day an impossible test?
Am I asking too much to expect the best?

Now I don’t think I can ease the pain,
so the next best thing’s to keep from going insane,
and it might take me fifty years,
but I’m still here, I’m fighting the fear.
God, I don’t want to just disappear.

© 1991 Gerald Fitzgerald
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Winter, December, Outdoors [Jun. 11th, 2004|11:04 pm]
The quiet sleepness,
Frozen aside,
Lying under the deep, deep,
Packed under layers of snow.

The flakes of millions,
Glitty pageant,

Lay down blanket,
Quifts of thlifty clunch,

Quiet quite,
Quiet, quiet,
Silent night.

© 1985 Gerald Fitzgerald
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Captain Conservative [Jun. 9th, 2004|11:50 pm]
7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - You’re on!

My buddy David is a wine connoisseur.
He’s a marathon runner, stirs a mean soup du jour.
But when he gets on the radio, you can be sure
he’ll pound all them hypocrites pretending they’re pure.

When he turns on the mike, he’s ready to strike, he's

Captain Conservative, doing what’s right.
Keeping them goo-goos from sleeping at night.
He launches campaigns against government waste,
upholds Democracy, fights for good taste.

3 - 2 - 1 - You're on!

On the outside ol’ David don’t seem all that tough.
He likes to watch baseball, he’s an old movie buff.
But when he goes on the job and says he’s had enough,
you’d better believe he ain’t running no bluff.

‘Cause the liberals all know when they go on that show, he's

Captain Conservative, gone on the air,
making them bureaucrats pull out their hair.
If you can’t keep up with whatever you say,
he’s glad to remind you on some future day.

3 - 2 - 1 - You're on!

He’s a child of the Sixties, he likes rock n’ roll.
Stamping out abortion is his ideal goal.
He’s a vocal supporter of the Border Patrol,
keeping them wetbacks all under control.

So look out liberal slime, it’s just about time for the

Captain Conservative show to commence,
helping the world make a whole lot more sense.
It’s okay to have your own uninformed view,
but if he hates what you’re saying, he’ll hang up on you.

Disagree with him, he’ll hang up on you.

Say what you’re thinking, he’ll hang up on you.

State your opinion, he’ll hang up on -- [click]

©1991 Gerald Fitzgerald
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The Armadillo Song [May. 26th, 2004|12:23 pm]
I'm driving like hell and
I don't want to stop.
I'm afraid what might happen
If I let one shoe drop.

Words cannot express
All the trouble I've seen
From the time I left Childress
Till I reached Abilene.

'Cause I'm being chased by a giant armadillo!
The same one I flattened sometime yesterday
On Route 87 outside Amarillo.
He swore he'd get even, now he's making me pay pay pay.

I knew all that Vivarin
Was taking its toll
When Palo Duro Canyon
Tried to swallow me whole.

The jackrabbits leaped me,
The coyotes cussed,
And the roadrunners beeped me
All night in disgust.

And all because of that giant armadillo!
The same one I flattened sometime yesterday
On Route 87 outside Amarillo.
He told all his friends, now they're making me gray gray gray.

It makes my heart jitter
To pay such a price
For picking on some critter
Without thinking twice.

You see people scorching
Armadillos for fun.
It was just my bad fortune
To pick the wrong one.

He turned himself into a giant armadillo!
The same one I flattened sometime yesterday
On Route 87 outside Amarillo
I sent him to Heaven, now he's making me pray pray pray.

If I ever told
Anyone what I saw,
They'd knock me out cold
And they'd call in the Law.

I decided to go
Till my tank went to "E".
When I reached Palo Pinto
He caught up with me.

I saw the shape of a giant armadillo!
Pounding my way at a thundering speed.
I wished I could go back to old Amarillo
To tell Mother Nature I'm sorry indeed.

Next morning I woke up
In a hospital bed.
My truck was so flat
That I should've been dead.

They said I was frazzled,
Asleep at the wheel.
But I know what I saw
And I know it was real.

I survived an attack by a giant armadillo!
He got his revenge for my murderous drive.
If you're ever trucking near old Amarillo,
Just mind your own business,
Take plenty of naps,
Quit popping them bennies.
You might get there late, but you'll get there alive.

© 1991 Gerald Fitzgerald
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Lightning Shadow [May. 15th, 2004|04:19 pm]
Tell me thy secret, o swift one
Thou goest fleet of foot here and yon
The night is your daughter, the sky your son
With a slightest effort you are gone.

Lend me a hand, so benefit me
I march ever onward across the sea
Walking on water the powers that be
To thickets and valleys, above every tree.

Feed my intuition, a spark that is new
I'll conquer the world with helping from you
Leveling dynasties, knowing what's true
See the invisible, find every clue.

Where do you come from? How can I write?
Thoughts get the best of me, late in the night
Trip over my feet, still awake at first light
I stumble along, almost there but not quite.

Tell me your secret, o feeble one
My radio's ready, resistance undone
Continue to work till the dawn of the sun
Work till my mortal machine fails to run.

© 2004 Gerald Fitzgerald
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