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Roses and Cinnamon - Gerald Fitzgerald [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Roses and Cinnamon [Nov. 17th, 2004|10:44 am]
I remember how she looked
The first time I ever saw her
At the barbeque they held
Up on Flagpole Hill.

She wore roses in her hair
The smell of cinnamon so strong
Her jeans so tight they seemed to melt
Into her golden thighs.

Her name was --
Her name was --
Well I think she loved me.

We made love out by the campfire
And we saw each other often.
We lived together in a two-room flat
Above the park.

We were married in early April,
Then in early January,
She bore my child, a little boy,
A lovely baby boy.

We named him --
We named him --
Well I'm sure he was mine.

My son became a man in just a day, so it seemed.
I taught him how to get along in life.

My wife ran off and left me.
She even took the house,
She took my baby boy away from me.

I remember how he looked
When I saw him on his Graduation Day,
Lincoln High, class of 95.

And I knew he was a man,
And I knew he'd be okay.
He shook my hand and he thanked me
Just for being there.

He said to me, "Dad," -- "Dad" --
"What'd you say your name was?"

© 1989 Gerald Fitzgerald