Gerald Fitzgerald

One in a Million (I know, I counted!)

14 August 1959
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Very intelligent but sometimes not very bright.
A heart as big as his head (which is pretty damn big, a 7-and-5/8ths), and an ego to match.
Able to come up with questions that would Confuse Confucious.
A really nice guy, but what's that got to do with the price of eggs in China?

Astrology (I can do charts).
Astronomy (I know where to find Arcturus).
Being an Eagle Scout (it's more than something you do when you're 14; it's a lifetime thing).
Collect One-Hit Wonders (records by groups that only had one hit, like "Tequila").
Collect Oscar-nominated Screenplays (must admit, even Spielberg gets lost without a good story).
Cycling (my favorite outdoor activity, even though my tires have been flat for years).
Movies (it's astounding how much I know).
Science-Fiction (will watch any S/F film, good or bad).